1993 to 1997

1998 to 2003

2004 to 2009


First riding lessons in the riding school Telfs with Armin Meusburger.

Supported by Waltraud Benda (Austrian dressage listed judge) and Arthur Romberg. Waltraud Benda aroused my love for dressage. She instructed me and my Icelander “Lauser” till our first military tournament. I won the dressage part, however, the natural obstacles were quite difficult for us and so this was my entrance into the pony sport.

Gillian Schorn selected me for the Tyrolean Team and I was part of the International 4-fight team. We were quite successful several times, so I was able to show my abilities even with little financial support.

Several years during my summer holidays I worked at large riding stables (e.g. Winkler, Pirmasens; Franz Steiner, Tengling) and breeding stables (Josef Stürzlinger, Upper Austria) in Germany as well as in Austria.
In order to be allowed to ride for one hour a day I had to muck out at least 30 boxes, harvest hay  and carry out various other work...


First dressage competitions in class A and class L with rented horses.

1997, May

Purchase of Indigo by H.J. Kaltenböck and my first professional training. I decided to stay in Regensburg as I felt my needs would be better served there and I wanted to try to make the impossible possible:

to be selected for the European Championship of Young Riders within one year. This seemed quite impossible at that time because my riding skills were somewhere around class L. Apart from that I did not have the licence to ride in class M. Another aspect was, that that year and the following year (1998) were my first and last year as Young Rider. However, we three were a tremendous team and I was very, very ambitious!

1997, July

First competition order to gain results for Licence D3 (allowance to take part up to class S).
4 competitions from July to end of August (6 starts, 4 wins, 2 times second place)

1997, August

First big competition in Bad Ischl in class M (4 starts, 3 wins whereof one was in a freestyle to music with prize money)

1997, October

Competition in Oisnitz Class M (third to seventh place with big competitors)

1998, March

First qualification, first start in class S (two times fifth place, two times sixth place)

1998, April

International Young Rider’s Competition in Kreuth. I finished only 15th in the first competition, but on the following day (Young Rider FEI Individuals European Championship Qualification) I was able to finish fourth right behind the two well-known daughters of Alfons Friedberger. A tremendous success, even in an “ordinary” class S I finished sixth.

1998, May

Second qualification at Schloss Achleiten. Unfortunately, I was very nervous and I was only myself again on the very last day of the tournament. At that time I used to go to all the competitions without my trainer, Mr. Kaltenböck. Somehow I must have looked quite forlorn and so Ernst Bachinger took care of me. From that day on he looked after me at every event in Austria.

I was even invited to spend some training weeks at his stable and I was able to give some fine performances at the following competitions.

1998, July

Austrian Championships and last qualifications for the European Championship. With three third places I was part of the team and a dream had come true. It was only about one year since we had bought Indigo and started serious training. Together with Nina Stadlinger, Hannes Mayer and Stefanie Glötzer we went to Hickstead (England).

1998, August

European Championship Hickstead (England) – we finished 5th place in the Team Competition.

Up to 2000

I was part of the Austrian Team with my horse Indigo, taking part in several big International competitions, such as the Evelin Haim Swarovski Tournament, the Munich Outdoors, the German Classics and so on...

2001, March

Indigo died unexpectedly of a heart attack and it took me four long years to train my young horse Giorgio (a Galvano son) to class S with the help of Harald Regger (a Grand Prix judge).

2001 to 2005

Between 2001 and 2005 I spent a full training year with Otto Hofer in Switzerland, taking with me my two horses Giorgio and Welterbe (a Weltmeyer son by a Donnerhall mother), whom I was able to buy from a dear friend and breeder, Sigurd Kleon.

Otto Hofer let me into the secret of the dressage high school and with a lot of patience he taught me piaffe and passage as well as the various difficult paces.


I went back to Germany where I started a new career in no time.

My most successful Junior Rider was Sarah Erlbeck who was able to turn from a beginner rider into a class L winner in less than a year. She became part of the Niederbayern Oberpfalz Team and finished third in the Bavarian Championship in 2006.

Unfortunately, our ways separated on account of my move to Starnberg, where I found a wonderful field of activity with Mr. and Mrs. Limbecker at Adelsried.

2005, April

First competition in Class S with Giorgio in Austria (after several wins and results in Germany from L to MA). Several good results and wins in class S, e.g. good results in the big Munich competition Pferd International (Horse International).


Several wins and good results in class S. In July first competition of the Grand Tour – third place in Inter II --- Fifth place in the Grand Prix.
... and then unfortunately lameness of Giorgio...


Only half through the summer Girogio was well again and after three bad results in Grand Prix competitions we were back again: we finished fifth with nearly 66 per cent among the very successful Bavarians. We had made it at last – but then Giorgio’s leg was swollen again and this was the beginning of the end: pastern bone damage and one year of aqua training without success....

Another pastern injury and another fracture of the stylus leg forced me to give up all sport activities. (2008) A serious blow to my career and it was not easy for me to get over it....


Finally, in August I opened my own stable, the “Angerhof”. After a difficult start everything has turned out fine...

My dream has come true: I was able to establish myself as sales- and training stable for the show-jumping and dressage sport horses with international clients (Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, England, Austria, Czech Republic).